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Outdoor Adventures

Fun for all the family

Outdoor adventures: Concierge Services

A day of fun on the water

Enjoy sailing, sunbathing, swimming, sunset, dolphin watching, fishing … always by the hand of our professionals that will make you spend an unforgettable day.
The trips that we offer in catamaran are the following:
Group excursions, it is the most affordable experience since it does not require hiring the whole boat, but only reserve your place. You can come alone or with whom you want to enjoy a stroll along the Marbella coast, meeting new people. Another option is private excursions, it is about hiring the whole boat privately and make a more personalized trip, the price will be the same regardless of the number of people you are and the adventure will depend on you. In both types of catamaran trips the maximum capacity is 12 people. (in case of groups of more than 12 people consult). There are different route options, as well as the possibility of snorkeling, paddle surfing, trolling, putting your favorite music. Drinks, snacks, fuel and crew are included.
One of the options that most demand us are the bachelorette party on catamaran, design your experience on a trip just for girls enjoying the sun and the sea along the coast of Marbella. Of course we also organize bachelor parties at sea, so you only have to consult us.
Among all the experiences that can be done in the sea, one of the oldest traditions that exists is Fishing, and we offer you Fishing in Marbella as a very different adventure to do it in other types of boats, which we can also offer you.
Last but not least, we offer you the most seafaring adventure of all, an unparalleled experience, cruises on a catamaran, make a journey of several days touring 3 countries and 2 continents, or make a journey east from the Costa del Sol. Sun to the Tropical Coast of Granada. In this case they are longer trips, we talk about sailing, sailing and sailing in Catamaran, crossing the sea with the sun as a companion …
We have Catering service on board with menus prepared individually and collectively. You can also create personalized menus as well as request specific beverages.

An unforgettable adventure!


Enjoy with our profesional guides the thrill of Canyoning, available thoughout the year in several local locations.
A great experience for friends group, families, stag, curious of nature and adventurers.




An unforgettable adventure with the most powerful buggies available in the area. Using the brand new 550CC ZForce 4wheel drive buggys from CFMoto. Taking you through the most beautiful and remote mountains of the Costa del Sol !

Our buggies are fully automatic, brand new, powerful and the safest in their ranking and very fun to drive! No previous experience needed. To drive with us you only need a valid driving license, be 18 or older and to love adventure!.

We can cater for groups up to 54.

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